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Reporting as a service

Traditional reporting functionalities in existing systems, such as POS, Accounting, and HR, often lack flexibility and require time-consuming customization. However, integrating NextBi.Ai, a game-changing Reporting as a Service provider, into these systems revolutionizes the reporting landscape. NextBi.Ai empowers end users to leverage natural language to interact with data, generating customized reports and visualizations in a remarkably quick and intuitive manner. By eliminating complex query languages and streamlining the reporting process, NextBi.Ai transforms how businesses access critical insights and enhances the quality of reporting functionality for POS, Accounting, HR, and other systems.

Key Features

Natural Language Interaction: NextBi.Ai's game-changing Reporting as a Service employs the power of natural language processing. Users can query data, generate reports, and create visualizations using everyday language. By removing the need for specialized technical knowledge or complex query languages, NextBi.Ai makes the reporting process intuitive and accessible to users of all skill levels. This natural language interaction accelerates the exploration and analysis of data, significantly reducing the time required to obtain valuable insights.

Rapid Report Generation

With NextBi.Ai, report generation becomes a quick and streamlined process. Users can express their reporting requirements in plain language, defining report parameters, selecting dimensions and metrics, and specifying time periods effortlessly. NextBi.Ai's intuitive interface and intelligent algorithms understand these natural language inputs, automatically generating tailored reports in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. This speed and efficiency empower users to make data- driven decisions promptly.

Intuitive Data Visualization

NextBi.Ai goes beyond traditional reporting by offering intuitive data visualization capabilities. Users can transform complex datasets into visually compelling charts, graphs, and dashboards using natural language commands. The interactive and customizable nature of NextBi.Ai's visualizations allows users to explore and present data in an engaging manner. This empowers decision-makers to extract deeper insights, identify patterns, and communicate findings effectively, ultimately driving more informed business actions.

Seamless Integration

NextBi.Ai seamlessly integrates with existing systems, including POS, Accounting, HR, and other relevant software, ensuring a cohesive reporting experience. Through secure APIs, NextBi.Ai connects to these systems, extracting data in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual data extraction and consolidation, saving time and reducing errors. By consolidating data from various sources, NextBi.Ai provides a comprehensive view of the business, enabling holistic analysis and reporting across multiple functions.

Empowering End Users

NextBi.Ai's Reporting as a Service is designed to empower end users, regardless of their data literacy level. By using natural language, NextBi.Ai democratizes access to data insights, enabling users across the organization to effortlessly query data, generate reports, and create visualizations. This promotes data-driven decision-making at all levels, fostering a culture of informed actions and driving operational excellence.


NextBi.Ai's game-changing Reporting as a Service leverages natural language processing to transform the reporting landscape. By enabling users to interact with data, generate reports, and create visualizations using natural language, NextBi.Ai eliminates complexities and accelerates the reporting process. With NextBi.Ai's intuitive interface and rapid report generation capabilities, organizations can unlock valuable insights in a fraction of the time, driving informed decision-making. By integrating NextBi.Ai into existing systems, businesses can enhance the quality of their reporting functionality, empowering end users to make data-driven decisions quickly and intuitively.