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Collect Data

You can use natural language to query any desired data from the any type database.

Draw Report Graph

You can use natural language to describe yourself,Then, you will get the report graph in a few minutes.

Low cost Few seconds

No coding, no development waiting. Speak out your needs and you will receive the data.

About NextBi

No SQL, Speak to see your data

We believe that BI tools should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. That's why we've developed a product that lets end users interact with databases and generate visualized reports in a natural language.With Next Bi, you don't need to know SQL or have any programming skills. Simply describe the report you want using plain English, our AI-powered engine extracts the relevant data from the database, and generates the report you need.

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Speak To Visualize

But we don't stop there. Next Bi also lets you choose the visualization chart you want to see, again using natural language. Whether you prefer bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, or scatter plots, our engine can understand your request and generate the appropriate chart. This way, you can see your data in the format that makes the most sense to you, without having to learn any new software.

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Bi for everyone

At Next Bi, we're committed to making BI accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly. We believe that everyone should be able to explore their data and gain valuable insights, and we're excited to be leading the way in this new generation of BI tools. Try Next Bi today and see for yourself how easy and powerful BI can be!

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We offer one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market!

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